Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Turkey Mega-Flock

We've had turkeys on our property for many years, but for some reason the past year they've been more frequent and numerous than ever.  They absolutely love to eat the reject birdseed and hulls from under our ten bird feeders, and I know they visit all of them because they've created very clear trails between each feeder.  At one point I counted thirteen of them in the backyard together.  For obvious reasons their numbers tend to decline significantly right around turkey hunting season, perhaps a combination of death by hunters and just being too scared to come anywhere near our house when the hunt is on.

I never thought of turkeys as especially attractive until I starting seeing them in bright sunlight, when their feathers reflect the light and burst with bright colors.  Someday I will get that elusive perfect photo of one showing off all that color!  It's tough because the only time they are still enough to get a got photo is when they are under the feeders, which of course are hung from trees which create shade underneath... 


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