Friday, June 01, 2007

Mrs Frank

My friend Josephine, a Brit living and teaching in France, just pointed out a couple of recent deficiencies in my behavior:
1) I have not had a new blog posting for several weeks.
2) I have not told the blog world of my upcoming marriage.

So, I'll take care of both of those right now. I've been working away on plumbing fixtures, insulation, and electrical work for the past month or so. Documenting that slow progress doesn't exactly make for real exciting photographs or stories, so I ventured out on the deck to look for something a little more exciting. Instead, I found Frank. Frank is an Iguana with a really rigid personality who has lived with me for 2 years, in four different homes now. I've assured him that the Wimberly house is his retirement home, so no more adventures involving being stuffed into cardboard boxes for him. He's hanging out on the hog-wire (yes, really) which is part of the deck railing system, probably waiting for the perfect Mrs Frank to come into his life.

The perfect woman for me, who came into my life a little before Frank did, has been an occasional photo star of this blog. Ann has embraced and supported everyone and everything in my life, including building a home in Wimberley. She has put up with endless discussions about toilets, door levers, exhaust fans, and every energy saving device known to mankind. Having a life together with Ann has already been an incredible blessing in my life, and on June the 16th we'll be married. Life is good.