Tuesday, December 25, 2012

No one seems to know that this is heaven

I published this on the blog about five years ago.  But since I return to it at this time every year, and it's theme of heaven being all around us NOW, well, here it is.  Again.

May you all enjoy family and friends during this special time of year, and every day.

Chainsaw Yogi

"Hazel's House" from the album Vuelta by Richard Shindell:
There’s a two-lane county road in northern Jersey
Winding up a hill beside a lake.
Just before the road winds to an end
Is Hazel’s house.

Long white picket fence around the front yard
A wagon wheel someone made into a gate.
Flagstone steps will lead you to the front door
Of Hazel’s house.

And Hazel will have seen you from the window
She’s waiting for you as you climb the steps.
She says, “Thank God, we were starting to get worried.
Come on in.”

It’s New Year’s and the place is overflowing
Cousins, aunts and uncles gather round.
“How long has it been? It’s good to see you.
How you’ve grown.”

And the uncles all have one eye on the Rose Bowl
One by one they slink back to the den.
Everybody else heads for the kitchen
You go with them.

She always has the crumbcake at the ready
Today is no exception - there it is.
The order of the universe intact
At Hazel’s house.

And no one seems to know that this is heaven
They say we only know it by and by.
That someday all will be revealed
Well, here it is:

There’s a two-lane county road in northern Jersey
Winding up a hill beside a lake
Just before the road winds to an end.
Hazel’s house

Go on in.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Going Solar

The solar revolution has finally come to our Wimberley House.  Since our Houston place is now being fitted with a nice 15 panel array of 220 watt panels, I just had to had some solar in Wimberley.  So here you see the massive one panel, 10 watt BP Solar panel I'm installing there.  If you have not spotted it yet, look on the roof near the ridge, right side of the photo.  Those mighty 10 watts charge a motorcycle-sized deep cycle battery in the garage attic which lights up two exterior LED security floodlights every night.  Does this prove I'm a geek?  Pretty much.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

All Heart

I love to find reminders of the kids and grandkids visits weeks after they have left, and this one is hard not to miss since it is right by the front door.  Sweet, sweet, sweet!