Thursday, June 23, 2011

Not For Sale

Although the sign says "For Sale" I can say definitively that the owners refuse to sell it. I know this because we are the new owners. This is our second piece of land in Wimberley, another five acre tract which is about as far away from our Wimberley home as you can get and still have a Wimberley address, about 15 miles to the Northwest. What sold it for us was several magnificent oak trees in the far back corner which would make a perfect setting for a home. Not that WE need another Wimberley home, but I'm planning for a new project as the completion date of our current home starts to come into focus. So maybe a rent house, or perhaps some exotic/experimental zero-energy home to use as a technology demonstration project... or both. More photos to come later, and I'll be soliciting your brilliant ideas for Wimberley Project Two!

Monday, June 13, 2011


Festus the mule has just been appointed as the unofficial mascot of our ranch ( a sort of subdivision) in Wimberley. Although I've never met Festus, I must say that I approve. His appointment comes at about the same time we received notice of a cougar who has been seen stalking some of our neighborhood deer. So it seems to me that Festus, with legendary credentials no doubt passed down from his namesake on Gunsmoke (PR photo below), should be deputized to also be the official mountain lion warning system within our ranch. I'm not sure if he would serve us better by sounding some warning screams upon seeing or smelling the cougar, or by serving as diversionary bait to protect our domesticated dogs, cats, and small children. Either way, it should be hilarious.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Visit from Grandkids Needed

We had some furniture delivered which came in this very useful looking crate we need to do something with. I tried to get Ann to let me ship her to me during my next stint in Saudi Arabia, but alas, I'm in Saudi now and Ann is not.

So we need to find an alternate use for it, like perhaps the frame for a doghouse- just add a roof and a door opening... and a dog of course. But the dog thing will have to wait until we are living there, so I need another temporary use to save it from the burn pile. I'm sure any of the grandkids could find some very fun things to do with it, so please send them out soon to help me out.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

We got Plastered

We finally completed the last of the wall finishes in the house, located in the stairwell and two restrooms. We used a product called American Clay, which is simply clay dug from the earth with a few colorants added. It has some cool properties; it not only emits no toxins, but like baking soda actually absorbs and neutralizes some of the evil stuff. The photo shows the burnt-yellow clay against a dark brown wood wall in the entry area powder room. The stairwell has a much lighter and more neutral green color. Come and see it yourself to appreciate it!