Monday, May 30, 2011


The drought in Texas has been bad, and Wimberley is in the very worst zone called Exceptional. Everything was looking really bad until we got a little rain a few weeks ago. Too late for most of the wildflowers and other ground cover. But just a couple of days later these flowers were popping up everywhere. Appropriately named "Rain Lily" (as identified by Ernie), ironically these flowers are having the best year I've ever seen, likely because all of their competition is DEAD. While we don't have a lot of color to celebrate this year, we are grateful for the Rain Lily. Although next Spring I'd be happy to see a lot less of it.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


The last room in our house to get flooring was the master bedroom closet, shown here just after I started the trim work around the perimeter. I used cork flooring because it is cushy, warm to bare feet, and sustainable. And contrary to what everyone thinks when they first hear about cork flooring, it is plenty durable, especially in a closet like this. So save about a thousand of your wine bottle corks and you could have the makings of your next home floor... if you are still alive after drinking that much.