Sunday, October 12, 2014

Buddha with Papers Seeks Partner

Our Ganesha carving from a tear-down Indian Temple has seemed to be a bit lonely lately.  You know the signs- he just sits around all day and never says anything.  So we brought over some company for him-  this priceless Buddha (Well actually it was 15 bucks in a garage sale).  The Buddha needs a decent lampshade since I tossed the garage sale one, which will undoubtedly cost more than the Buddha.   Proof of it's tremendous actual value is shown in the second photo; a paper sticker on it's base dating it as being over seven years old and having a unique serial number, no doubt referencing the famous artisan who created it. You know, the world renowned 19 7690.   Ganesha will be so pleased.

Decisions, Decisions

I've now finished all the flooring and walls in the guest house great room!  As you can see the floor is dark brown oak and the walls are whitewashed stained knotty pine.  The remaining choice is how to treat the pine and glass door pictured, leading from the great room to the bath room.  Paint is out, since there will not be one drop of paint inside the house.  The three obvious choices to me are:
1) Stain to match the walls
2) Stain to match the floor
3) A stain color somewhere in between the floor and walls

I wish I had some scrap pine (like the unfinished door) do do some experimentation with…