Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hey Jason!

Our friend Jason visited yesterday on his way from San Antonio to his home in Ft Worth.  The closer our place gets to completion, the more we enjoy being able to share it with others... and nowadays we can practically guaranty that they won't get any sawdust in their food.

Leaping Lizards

Alex discovered this Texas Aligator Lizard today under a brush pile we were about to burn.  Good thing for the lizard it was spared from the flames, and that Alex is a vegetarian.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Overcoming Adversity

Fall color is about as good now as it ever gets in Wimberley.  It seems odd that after our horrible summer drought that the color is actually later than normal.   The red tree in the foreground left is affectionately known as the lollipop tree.  It's shape is due to the fact that the top of it, included all the branches, was broken off about ten feet above the ground during a wind storm 8 years ago.  Hundreds of new branches all emerged from that break area and ever since have been competing fairly equally for their share of light.  Another example of adversity leading to some unexpected delight.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A River Runs Through It

The Blanco River runs through our Wimberley neighborhood, and even during droughts it provides some great relaxing and cool-down opportunities. Not to mention the endless photo opportunities; this shot shows the channels created in the limestone from years of constant flow.  The exposed rock creates an easy path for crossing the river on foot, and for photographers to stand without getting wet. 

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Booked Up

Here are some progress photos of the living room bookcase, which extends along the entire south wall , opposite the wall of windows on the north side.  The first pic shows it a few weeks ago and the second is from last Monday, when I was completing the top trim which ties it into the adjacent pillaster.  It feels so great to be finally unpacking the last of the boxes of books, family photos, and other keepsakes.  When I return from my current Saudi Arabia trip I'll turn on the gas to the fireplace for the season, hunker down in the couch, and enjoy! (For a few minues, at least.)