Thursday, December 22, 2005


Sometimes I need little reminders to stop and enjoy the beauty around me. At Wimberley (or anywhere, for that matter) I can get wrapped up in doing necessary projects, or if such a project isn't readily available, I'll create a not so necessary one. Seems like the past month has been a rush of holiday preparations, travel, car hassles, minor health annoyances, and work. So, with just a few days left until Christmas I thought I'd try to slow down a little by looking through some old photos. I actually found one showing a relaxing moment in Wimberley, cooling down from a hot summer afternoon. Soon it will be time to travel for Christmas celebrations, family visits, and all those things that make this season so special. For the rest of the day though, I'm going to try and think about as little of the mechanics of life as possible, and just relax. A yoga session is in order, followed by a little reading, either Nicholas Spark's "At First Sight" or Leif Enger's "Peace Like a River". Tomorrow, relax with the woman I love. Rejoice.

Wishing you true peace, this beautiful season and always.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Not exactly the tractor I had in mind

I've done lot's of scheming to somehow justify getting a little Bobcat (a small earthmoving/digging tractor of sorts) for use at the Wimberley property. But even with my twisted rationalizations, it just doesn't make sense to spend a bunch of money to own one. Last week I was traveling near Baton Rouge, and on an old plantation beside the mighty Mississippi River, and look what I found! I'll bet I could own this beauty for next to nothing, which of course would be next to nothing more than it is worth. So, maybe I should develop some new schemes for getting the Bobcat of my dreams, like convincing Santa that I've actually been a good boy this year... OK, I guess he can't be that naive. Post any brilliant ideas you might have for me ASAP, or better yet have them delivered to me in Wimberley via a shiny new Bobcat.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Almost like being in Wimberley

Fresh back from a vacation in Guatemala, I'm hard pressed to find anything new in Wimberley to write about. But I did have a moment in Antigua which reminded me of Wimberley. Since sky-watching under trees is a favorite (if somewhat quirky) pastime, my sweetheart and I could not pass up the chance to try it out under a spectacular tree located within some ancient ruins there. The large photo was taken as we were on our backs under the tree on some nice grass, which thrives under the lightly filtered skylight. I have to admit that watching the huge span of intricate leaves stirring in the breeze made me wish for such a tree on my own property.

The smaller photos are from ruins near the tree, which have provided me with some great inspiration for recreating a similar space on the grounds of my Wimberley property. Nothing like beautiful walls of stone to create a cozy little space in the backyard. Of course, the tropical plants would never survive, but with suitable substitutes the concept should work. And, I'm fairly certain to be the only one on the block with "ancient ruin theme" landscaping!