Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tedious little details

There can't be too many blogs out there that provide thrilling photos like this showing the bottom of an empty closet.  But the good news is that  I'm running out of big projects to do on the house.  Good for me, not so good for the exciting blog factor.

Finish trim is also good thing for those not fond of all kinds of spiders and bugs running around underfoot.  The trim and caulk block their access to great hiding places within the walls.   This entry closet is now certifiable as bug un-friendly, but I still have plenty more tedious caulking to do elsewere.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bottoms Up!

I've been undecided about the ceiling finish for our little toilet room off the Master long enough.  This weekend I was moving leftover construction materials from the house to the garage storage area, and I found a full box of cork flooring under a bed.  Since cork flooring does not exactly come with instruction on mounting it to a ceiling, I also rummaged around and found some leftover wood flooring adhesive in a five gallon bucket. My only question was whether it would actually stick the cork planks to ceiling for 40 years or so.  

This photo was taken from the floor looking straight up at my little experiment to see if the adhesive will work.  The red pole is a handy-dandy tool that extends to the floor and keep the cork tile in place during curing.  Next weekend I'll try tugging at the test tiles and if I can't pull them off I'll glue the rest on the same way.  (And of course post a photo of the completed project)

Tuesday, October 09, 2012


I love being able to check in for the latest aerial view of our Wimberley place during a grinding work week in the big city.  Even if the view hasn't changed from the last time I looked, seeing it instantly transports part of me out to the country.  Where I can feel a gentle breeze and hear absolutely nothing but the happy birds feasting on our feeders.  Helps remind me that one reason I work is to be able to spend time NOT working there, enjoying both total solitude and the occasional houseful of guests.  Sound good?  Come on over.