Sunday, January 27, 2013

Man-Cave, Chainsaw Yogi Style

Last weekend I finally spent some serious time starting to organize my workshop/storage room off the carport, AKA man-cave.  Now I  have what some might consider overly-stocked and organized ladders, tools and little goodies like plumbing, electrical, and fastener too-dads.  Ann says she gets dizzy when she sees all the stuff so organized.

And what man-cave would be complete without a Harmon-Kardon receiver and some really powerful Klipsch outdoor speakers?  I'm thinking the grand-kiddos would enjoy the music too since the carport is a nice shaded area to set up a little swimming pool or do other fun stuff out of the hot sun (or rare rain).  Come on out Braden, Kara, and Blaze, and we'll crank it up!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Holiday Memories

We had a pretty big crew (considering we have a pretty small house) between Christmas and New Years.  Vanessa, Ginny & Luke, Stacey& Gregg and Braden and Kara.  And of course Ann and me.  I somehow missed my chance to get many photos, but here are few:  

Vanessa taking the kiddos out for an adventure in the backyard.  That probably explains the assorted sticks and stones I found on the back porch later.

Luke making the best of extreme eyeball pain.  What a camera ham!

Ann's very famous and yummy pancakes.    And creative.  I didn't get one with a smiley face.  Not that I'm upset.  Hardly noticed it.  Not feeling a bit sorry for myself.  Bottom lip not quivering at all.

And the feature attraction for Braden and Kara.  A hike down the hill to our tiny pond to do what young kids do best; having fun with whatever is at hand.  In this case throwing a whole lot of rocks into that tiny pond and discovering something to fish out of there with a stick.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Bottoms Up II

An update on my "under construction" progress post of the cork celing:  The ceiling has been glued up in the master bath for a few months now, so I'm declaring it structurally sound until gravity proves me wrong.  Photo right shows the view from laying on the floor looking straight up, a position not normally achieved in a small toilet room without the assistance of alcohol.

The only ceiling finishes left now are the small but difficult ceramic tile ceilings in the two showers.  I've never glued ceramic tiles to a ceiling so that will be another one of my many learning episodes building this house.  I'm starting to wonder why I chose to do tile ceilings just thinking about it.