Saturday, March 24, 2012


Is it real?  I took this photo yesterday because I was stunned at how green everything looked, especially after the disastrous 2011 drought that left nothing to see except BROWN.  Now after posting it the green looks so green that it doesn't even look real.  But there is no Photoshop or any other adjustment of the picture going on here.  Just genuine, extreme green.  Reminds me of our trip to Ireland it is so green.  No telling if the green will be around much longer or not, but for now I'm just enjoying being simply stunned by it.  

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wrapped Up

This weekend the kitchen & dining room ceiling beams were fully wrapped with the addition of 1x6 red oak trim on the bottoms of each of them.  It was a little touchy at times trying to install those 15' long trim pieces by myself, but with the help of an adjustable telescoping support tool from Rockler it wasn't too bad.  My slightly achy shoulders (from holding them overhead for so long) will soon forget about the adventure and should be ready for more building fun soon. Next stop, more oak trim work and closet door hanging upstairs in the guest bedroom.