Friday, May 31, 2013

5th Generation Red Stool Customer

Blaze is one of three grandchildren who enjoy a spin on the same red bar stools that MY grandparents bought for their home in Longville, Louisiana 70+ years ago.  My grandfather "Red" was (among many other things) a Purina Feed Store owner, so just about everything in their home had at least one of the red and white Purina checkerboard colors in it.  It brings warm memories back when I see the stools being enjoyed again.  Sounds and smells of my grandmother's famous hamburgers and buttered buns cooking on her big commercial stove top.  The occasional sibling or cousin spilling off their stool onto the floor if they spun too fast.  Or the occasional rush of still-wet family rushing to sit on one of the stools to have lunch after spending hours swimming in the lake just a hundred yards away.  Our grandkids may never understand or appreciate the history of these very special stools, but we'll do our best to help bring them joyful memories of their own.  Memories of the magical stools from Louis and Louise Fletcher.