Monday, January 06, 2014

Curb-less Appeal

I started to say that I did some work on the curb appeal of our rainwater storage tank.  But since we have no curbs I had to alter that expression a bit.  This photo shows the new view toward the tank from the road in front of our house, after I added the tan fabric screening held up by cedar framing.  I'm not showing the "before" photo because I'm too embarrassed.  

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Guest Cottage First Tiny Step

We are planning a new guest house  in Wimberley, about 30 feet away from our main home.   I've submitted the plans for approval and hope to break ground within a month, so that we can get larger groups together during the 2014 Christmas holiday.  That may seem like an easy goal, but I'll be personally building everything but the foundation and exterior enclosure on occasional weekends.  Which on the main house took five years.  So make your reservations now… but don't count on it.

In anticipation of approval to build, I started a few early site tasks shown in the photos below.  

Firing up the chainsaw to remove a small tree standing in the way of the guest house.

This will be the view from the guest house front porch.

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Up in the Sky

My favorite live oak tree on our property is now host to both a swing and a treehouse.  Alex helped me do the tricky parts last week and this weekend I finished up the floor deck boards.  Although I rationalized building it "for the grandkids", it isn't too bad for adults either.  And until I get a handrail built there won't be any grandkids spending any alone time on it.