Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Grandson Extravaganza

 Memorial Day weekend now complete, Ann and I are recovering from a great time with our two grandsons in Wimberley.  The photos almost speak for themselves, but in order they are:
1- Mass destruction in the living room form building blocks, train sets, Lego, and probably some chunks of discarded and smashed food.
2- Inside a centuries-old cypress tree near Wimberley town square
3- Braden's two scoops of chocolate covered cherry ice cream in the Wimberley Cafe
4- Blaze's scoop of mint ice cream 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Porch Connector

The new guest house is just about complete on the outside, and I'm working away on the interior plumbing and finishes.  This week we built this crushed granite path connecting the back porch of the main house to the guest house, a considerable improvement from the muddy mess it covers.  A few landscape lights will soon complete the project. 

Bow and Arrow Fun

During the last Congrove family visit we made our first outing with some new archery supplies.  I think we need and improved target backstop since the one we used was a big pile of construction dirt which is being rapidly depleted.  Braden and Kara had fun, but I think they had even more fun just running up and down the pile of dirt.  So I guess the international archery federation or whatever that archery entity is called won't be handing out any awards for our efforts.  But my reward was another memory of the grandkids experiencing something in Wimberley that they can't get in the big city.

Thursday, May 08, 2014

NOT Relaxing on the Back Porch

I recently added these gym rings over the back porch  to provide some more exercise to my Wim berley routine.  I get plenty of some workout types just building stuff and doing chores... but little cardio or upper body work.  So training for the Dallas half-marathon with Stacey will take care of the cardio, and these will help upper body strength and flexibility.  If I actually do it regularly, that is.