Sunday, February 22, 2009

Taunting Me

Turd photography is not especially high on my blogger to do list. But here goes:

See Raccoon trap, background. Note un-sprung condition of said trap.

See turds, foreground. Note demolished condition of right pile.

Now the story: I've had plenty of battles with raccoons in Wimberley over the years, but by about 6 months ago I had rid our area of all of them. Then last month I started noticing that once again the bird feeders were being emptied faster than my 401K account. Beneath one of the feeders I found the critter poop on the right, so like any good Boy Scout I dissected it with a stick to try and figure out what had left it there. Suspecting a resurgence of the coon kind, I set the trap and baited it with a raccoon happy meal: Peanut butter, tuna fish, and some nuts. So what did I find the very next morning? Not a coon behind bars, but another load of coon crap. And the happy meal, untouched.

Now, I've been taught to never take anything personally, so I'm trying mightily to keep from declaring all-out coon war and going thermo-nuclear. But come on, how much coon crap can one guy take?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Two for the View

We added a couple of chairs to our living room which we rotate to face either the conversation area or the view of the hills. And after trying them out for the first time with Ann today, I'm thinking they are gonna be in the "view" position a LOT. These chairs could be seriously addicting, pushing out our home construction completion date quite awhile. But when were sitting there together as a pair of giant stork-like birds of some sort flew by from the nearby Blanco River, deadlines and just about everything else didn't matter at all. Big smile.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

It ain't pretty, but it's lovely

The new jacuzzi may not be much to look at yet. No pretty ceramic tile surrounding it, no pretty panel covering the mechanicals. But after getting it installed and hooking up all the plumbing and electrical bits, it was just plain lovely to take on a test drive. Because when I closed my eyes there was nothing incomplete about it. Couldn't see the bare walls around me, or the exposed electrical wiring above. Just the glow of the warm sunshine from the nearby window sneaking in through me eyelids. Ahhhh.