Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gravity-Defying Tile

Ceramic tile really does stick to the ceiling. With a little help from my handy red floor-to-ceiling jack putting a bit of pressure on it until it dries. This is a shot looking up at our master shower ceiling.   Yes, this is about as much fun as watching paint dry.  But it is now DONE and so now I can say that the whole master suite is DONE!

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Vanessa & Alex visit the State Capital

We had a fun visit from Vanessa (flew in from Pennsylvania) and Alex (on summer break from University of Hawaii) for a few precious days.  After getting their dose of Wimberley hiking, eating, and puzzle working, we headed out to the big city.  It is amazing what one can see by driving just 50 minutes from our place (which feels like the middle of nowhere) to the Texas Capital building.  So much history, so well preserved in that building.  And still active, although some say not nearly active enough in regards to legislation and funding for education and other critical issues.  Our short visit there left them with enough of an impression to want to return another time... which Dad will be happy to arrange.