Saturday, February 09, 2008

100th Blogiversary

Yep, this is number 100.

When I started this blog I'd only even looked at one blog. For some reason my biggest concern about starting it was the whole idea of throwing my thoughts out there for just anyone to look at. You know, all those bloodthirsty killer, identity stealing, stalker types. Or even worse, family and coworkers and clients who might see a new and strange part of me. A hundred posts later, I'm glad to report that either nobody really seems to have that much energy to waste, or that I'd already been written off as a bit odd anyway. Which is just perfect. Now I'm free to roam for another hundred or more, God willing.

Since photographs are a big part of this blog, for my 100th post I thought I'd show some of my favorites from Wimberley. Some old, some new, many of them posted earlier. Happy 100th!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

All Washed Up

What a great feeling, this very first (and very warm) experience in our new shower! Now I can work away until I'm a smelly, disgusting mess and still clean up enough to go into the big city and have dinner. Without scaring away the waiters. No more having to play Mr. clean guy and resist chainsawing a dangling tree limb just before dinner on a 100 degree day. No Home Depot staff thinking I'm a homeless guy in off the streets. And best of all, no fear of my sweetheart saying "you stay on THAT side of the bed" after a long day's work.