Sunday, January 25, 2009


My helpers have spent many months working to civilize our backyard. They've moved tons of loose stones and filled in the many holes with 20 cubic yards of dirt. So after all that work we have a backyard that is, well, dirty.

During this period of work we've had virtually no rain at all, but just in case the rains ever do come again I'm starting to get ready. I've bought a bunch of buffalo grass seed for erosion control once it starts growing in the Spring. In the meantime, and to help keep the seeds in place and moist when I plant them, I've started laying out some rolls of burlap and straw mat.

Hopefully mother nature will cooperate this Spring with some frequent light rains, and I'll soon be able to post some photos of a beautiful green backyard. Based on past experience we'll get not nearly enough rain or way too much, but there is always hope...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Appliance Inauguration

Today as our nation celebrates a historic inauguration, our Wimberley home is celebrating too. The first kitchen appliance is now in place. (Pause for applause.) And not just any appliance, but an offspring of mixed parents Samsung (Korean) and Lowes (American). A microwave that we hope and pray will save our home from culinary disasters and lead us into a better future. Edamame? Yes we can. Microwave popcorn? Yes we can. A five course gourmet extravaganza for a dozen friends? Nope, just a campaign promise.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Feverishly working to relax

Now that I've had a huge jacuzzi box sitting around the house for several months, it has occurred to me to do something about it. So last weekend I worked long and hard to build this jacuzzi platform in the master bathroom. The jacuzzi will drop into that big hole in the middle, surrounded by ceramic tile.

The real question is whether or not I'll actually take the time out to really use this thing once it's complete. The concept sounds great, but the shower is SO much faster...

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Lost: Wild Turkey

Not the kind of Wild Turkey you find in a bar, the kind you find in in the wild.

This past fall we were often delighted by a group of six wild turkeys that would hang out on the edge of our backyard at dawn and again at dusk each day. They were fun to watch and fun to hear, making those silly little gobbling noises as they cruised around looking for food. Probably on their way to and from a regular roosting spot nearby. But shortly after hunting season began the turkeys stopped showing up for their regular appointment. Which could be because they had already shown up on some hunter's dinner plate. And if I could get close enough to take this picture with a camera, they'd have been easy targets for any turkey with a gun.

I'm hoping (but not hopeful) that these critters just temporarily detoured to a more prosperous feeding ground. If they return I''ll be waiting to shoot them, not with a gun but with my trusty Canon.