Sunday, August 10, 2014

Teeny Tiny Kitchen

Our guest kitchen is 4 feet wide by 7 feet deep.  And the cabinets take up exactly half of that.  This weekend I got started on the cabinet base, which must be complete before the Silestone quartz counter-top arrives next month. The first photo is the 3/4" cabinet grade birch plywood being ripped at the lumber yard so I can handle it in my car and with my modestly sized table saw.

Unlike the pre-made cabinet bases which come in individual sections, each with 4 sides of wood, my custom build-in-place approach uses a lot less wood. And as I learned, it makes it tricky to assemble, especially when the work crew is comprised of one person, me.  I managed to get all the verticals in place and the sub-top on, so everything is now relatively stable.  Next pieces to be installed are the shelves and then some solid birch trim on the front face.  No doors on these babies, so guests will find it easy to spot whatever they need.  And I don't have to build any pesky doors.

Monday, August 04, 2014

Guest House Progress Photos

I made enough progress on the guest house that Ann and I actually spent the night there this past weekend.  In the bed cleverly disguised as a couch in the first photo.  We especially enjoyed waking up slowly to the morning skylight visible through the woods just outside the east windows. At the far left, the kitchen is now ready for me to start on the cabinet bases.

Inside the bathroom I'm now ready for the vanity quartz counter-top to arrive.  The vanity, like other elements of the guest house, is hotel-style with no base doors, just a shelf.  On top of the quartz is a porcelain vessel sink, and on those un-sided walls surrounding it there will be tile.

The final shot shows the stepladder where ultimately the oak ship ladder will provide access to the loft for the grand kids.  My buddy Mark Danna is helping me build that with his fabulous wood shop tool collection.

Since we've spent a night in the place I can sorta claim success in meeting my target of having the place sleep-ready before the holidays... but I think I'll at least get the wood floors and the bathroom sink installed before subjecting any actual guests to the place.