Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Purrrrpetual Motion

Like perpetual motion, but for cats. And unlike it's more formidable scientific counterpart, purrrpetual motion has been solved. The paw of this way-too-happy cat waves up and down for about a million years (cat years) on a single AA battery, so that's close enough to perpertual motion to qualify in my book. In Asian cultures this hi-tech wonder it is considered good luck. My very creative and Asian-influenced son Alex got us this cat for Christmas, and it quickly found it's way to our fireplace in Wimberley. It seems happy there, far from the reach of any dog that might wander in, yet close enough to the firplace to use it as a litter box in an emergency.

Yet beneath that seemingly innocent smile, I feel, lurks... a potential man-eater. Shown in the second photo eyeing a couple of possible victims (Ann and Bro-in-law Ted), this cat may not be so lucky for anyone who it mistakes for lunch. Think I'm just being silly? Perhaps. But I'm thinking that Stephen King good get a good five or six hundered pages out of a plot like this. The possibilities seem endless: Kitty Cematery, Girl who loved Kitty, Hearts in Kittyland, The Dark Tower: Kitty's Revenge, Bag of Kitty Bones. All so purrrfect.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sowing, not Sewing

Ann doesn't exactly fit the old stereotype of the American woman, fanatically cooking, cleaning, and sewing. In fact, she's pretty much the opposite, which is pretty much perfect for me. Instead of sewing together new outfits or old socks, she was sowing some springtime flowers in our backyard in Wimberley a few weeks ago. Lots of seeds, all from her Dad's pampered creations in his own backyard. And seeds, like people, thrive when they are nurtured. Giving back much more pleasure to the sower than the sowee can ever imagine.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lollipop Tree

Five years ago a big windstorm broke the trunk of a red oak in our back yard about eight feet above the ground. Nothing left but a pole in the dirt with no branches or leaves. Hoping to save it, I cut the damaged area off cleanly and waited. Sure enough, the next year it sprouted new leaves all around the wound, creating a perfectly round little ball of foliage which earned it the name Lollipop Tree.

That little ball of leaves is now almost normal looking, although it still seems oddly perfect in shape. It's leaves just turned red this year, lagging a month behind the others. Seems like this old tree has a unique personality which is almost human. Tough, stubborn, and a tad behind the rest of the crowd. A real survivor. Sound like anyone you know?

And for just a few weeks this year, a beauty that makes it even more special.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Not so Fast

Shortly after the kitchen cabinets were delivered we quickly got the first ones installed (the ones in the background). Nearly two months later I'm still toying around with the others because they are SO special. (foreground peninsula). First I had to wire them up for the dishwasher and convenience outlets, no big deal.

Then came the custom framing and cherry veneer for the "back side", which in our case is very visible, not just shoved up against a wall. Very big deal. We've got niches for a computer station and bar stools you can see on that back side, and getting that right is taking awhile. A little more trim work next week and it should finally be ready for the counter top.

But, before I spend any more money on counters I've vowed to finish installing the many other things laying around that I already spent money on. Bathroom cabinets, Jacuzzi bath, more light fixtures, the list goes on and on. Keeping me gainfully employed on this little project further into the future than I can imagine.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Hill Country Pet

I've commented before about there being some very unusual things in the Wimberley area. And how friendly everyone is.

Here's proof. Even the dinosaurs are friendly in the hill country; this one volunteered to give Ann a quick manicure during our recent visit to nearby Zilker Botanical Garden.