Friday, June 13, 2014


Progress on the guest house now includes the first of ten window blinds, just installed on the left window.  The two windows pictured are especially important since there is a direct view into the bedroom from the road through them.  Despite the somewhat noticeable pile of interior siding on the bare concrete floor, we are actually getting close to being ready to sleep our first night in it; another set of blinds is about all we really need.  The current list of installed amenities includes, by order of importance:
1- Air conditioning
2- Bed (American Leather comfort sleeper)
3- An entry door with a lock
4- Toilet. Yes a normal, fully working toilet.
5- Toilet tissue
6- Lights

Other items on my to-do list for the coming month or two, for the true luxury hotel spa experience:
A- Bathroom door
B- Bathroom sink
C- Wood flooring
D- Ship-ladder up to the loft